We have been covering lots of the changes at LAX this last month, including terminal changes and we have even shown you some of the lounge offerings to make your journey more comfortable.

One of the most important changes that affects Australians is the relocation of Virgin Australia from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

Virgin Australia has an interesting arrangement where you check-in at Terminal 2, but the flights actually depart from the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

After you check-in, you have two options:

1/ Exit the terminal, turn right, and walk approximately 10 mins to the Tom Bradley International Terminal;

2/ Go through security at Terminal 2, and catch the airside transfer bus.

Virgin Australia LAX - The Flight Doc

For those who don’t feel like walking, it’s an easy choice.

I would generally recommend that you take a peek at the Terminal 2 security line, and if it’s not too long, I would take the bus option.

Security lines at the Tom Bradley International Terminal can be pretty horrible in the evenings, so any opportunity to avoid them is well-advised.

Virgin Australia LAX - The Flight Doc

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