Hoyts and Qantas have announced a new partnership where you can earn and redeem Qantas points when you go to the movies.

To earn Qantas points on movie tickets and snacks from the candy bar, you will need to join Hoyts Rewards and link your Qantas Frequent Flyer number.

Hoyts-Qantas - The Flight Doc

Hoyts Rewards offers two tiers in their program – Bronze and Silver. Bronze is free to join, but Silver will set you back $13 per year.

Hoyts-Qantas - The Flight Doc

The 3rd ‘C’ in The Flight Doc’s Law of 5 ‘C’s is Compounding – which is all about taking advantage of opportunities to ramp up your ability to earn valuable frequent flyer miles.

The Hoyts Rewards Bronze level is free to join, and there is no reason not to immediately sign up, even if you only go to the movies once per year.

Is it worth signing up the Silver level? If you regularly go to the movies at Hoyts, say at least once or twice a month – then it’s probably worth signing up for the Silver membership, not just for the bonus Qantas points, but also for the 10% that you get back in Hoyts Dollars.

The new partnership between Qantas and Hoyts will also allow members to redeem 4000 Qantas points for a $20 discount at Hoyts, or 2600 Qantas points for a Hoyts Rewards Silver membership.

Both of these redemptions represent poor value and I recommend that you keep your Qantas points for more valuable travel experiences in First and Business Class cabins.

You can find more information on the Qantas-Hoyts partnership by clicking here.

Hoyts-Qantas - The Flight Doc

One of the most important skills that I teach at my course Fly First Class Forever in Sydney on 10-12 November 2017, is the ability to properly value your points and miles so that you don’t waste them on poor value redemptions.

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