I’ve developed a system that will allow you to save money, travel more, in comfort and in style.

I call this The Flight Doc’s Law of 5 ‘C’s.

The 5th ‘C’ is what I call “Concentration”. Part of this strategy is understanding the detailed terms & conditions of your preferred frequent flyer program.

One of the most common questions that I hear from frequent flyer program members is whether you can earn points and status credits on award tickets.

Like many aspects of being a savvy frequent flyer – the answer can be quite complicated.

Each airline program has its own set of rules, so the answer often differs between airlines.

The basic rule that most members should follow – is that Award tickets usually do NOT earn points and status credits.

That means that booking an award flight won’t count toward qualifying or requalifying for your status level. And importantly – with airlines such as Qantas that require that you fly a minimum of 4 segments on Qantas or Jetstar every year to qualify or requalify status – award flights won’t help you either.

Of course – there are always exceptions.

Some airline programs around the world will allow you to earn points and status credits on certain award bookings. Some airlines require a specific type of award booking in order to earn points and status credits, and often these particular award bookings may also be more expensive.

The answer is equally confusing when it comes to accruing points and status credits with hotel loyalty programs.

Most hotels won’t let you earn additional points when you make an award booking, but many will still give you status or loyalty credits. Other hotel programs won’t.

Many hotels also offer the ability to redeem “points + cash” bookings, and here you will also find that some programs will count these stays toward your status, yet others won’t.

So how can you find out whether your particular airline or hotel program award bookings will count toward status or earn additional points?

Checking and understanding the terms and conditions is essential.

One of the most important skills that I teach at my course Fly First Class Forever in Sydney on 10-12 November 2017, is how to find these important rules that are usually buried deep in terms and conditions.

Places are limited so make sure that you sign up now to attend!

Using some advanced strategies taught by The Flight Doc you will be able to quickly and easily find and take advantage of the best travel and points opportunities.  To learn more about courses and training with The Flight Doc check out www.theflightdoc.com, and subscribe to our free Tricks, Tips & Travel Secrets newsletter using the form on the right-hand side of the page.

Happy FlyDays!

The Flight Doc


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