Qantas Business Rewards allow businesses with an ABN to earn Qantas Points for their business as well as for individual travelers when they fly.

Points can also be earned through credit cards and purchases from partner businesses and organisations.

NRMA is one of the Qantas Business Rewards partners through which you can earn points.

You can earn 4 Qantas Points per $1 spent on NRMA Roadside Assistance.

If you have an ABN, and you’re not already a member of Qantas Business Rewards – make sure that you sign up immediately. You could be missing out on a ton of free Qantas Points.

Qantas Points accrued through Qantas Business Rewards can be transferred to an individual’s Frequent Flyer account at a rate of 1 to 1.

You can learn more by clicking here.

This is what I refer to as “Compounding”, or ramping up your points-earning.

Compounding is part of The Flight Doc’s Law of 5 ‘C’s, which I teach students of The Flight Doc at my Fly First Class Forever! course.

To learn more tips and tricks – make sure that you attend my course Fly First Class Forever in Sydney on 10-12 November 2017, to maximise your travel experience opportunities.

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Using some advanced strategies taught by The Flight Doc you will be able to quickly and easily find and take advantage of the best travel and points opportunities.  To learn more about courses and training with The Flight Doc check out www.theflightdoc.com, and subscribe to our free Tricks, Tips & Travel Secrets newsletter using the form on the right-hand side of the page.

Happy FlyDays!

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