Hilton has announced that it will make changes to the points that you earn when you stay at Hilton properties, with the changes to kick in as of April this year.

The changes are mostly good – but if you have previously earned both Hilton points and airline points or miles when you stay at Hilton hotels, that is about to change.

Hilton is eliminating its “Points and Miles” and “Points and Points” earning styles.

As of April this year, everyone will just earn points.

Of course you can then convert your Hilton points to the airline of your choice, but the redemption rates are not particularly generous – usually 10,000 Hilton points converts into either 1,500 or 1,000 airline miles, depending on which airline you convert to.

Graduates of Fly First Class Forever and Live Life in Luxury by The Flight Doc should apply the valuation techniques that you have learned to decide whether this is the best way to use your Hilton points.

Other changed to the Hilton program include milestone bonuses which will kick in starting with your 40th night at a Hilton property during the calendar year. At 40 nights you will earn a bonus 10,000 Hilton points, and again every 10 nights after that with no limit or cap on earning.

Additionally – when you reach 60 nights in a year, Hilton will also give you an additional 30,000 points (as well as the bonus 10,000 points for each 10 nights).

Points bonuses for elite tier members are also changing.

Silver members will now earn a 20% bonus on the base 10 points earned per $1USD spent on stays for a total of 12 points.

Gold members will earn an 80% bonus for a total of 18 points per dollar.

And Diamond members will earn a 100% bonus for a total of 20 points per dollar.

Elite status will still be earned by way of stays, nights, or base points.

But if you qualify on nights, any excess nights will now rollover to the following year to help you maintain status.

My favourite change that Hilton has announced is the ability to gift status to a friend or family member.

Diamond members who reach 60 nights can now nominate a friend or family member to receive Gold status. And if you reach 100 nights for the year, that friend will automatically be upgraded to Diamond status.

For more details on the changes to the Hilton program – click here.

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